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But 13 million will be by people who already cleared background checks when they bought guns in California, so they are already registered in the state's gun owners' database.

The Odessa shooter bought his gun from a private seller after failing a federal background check.

Store clerks will run buyers' identification through that database and a second database of those who bought guns legally but are no longer allowed to own them because of certain criminal convictions or mental health commitments. Those who pass get their ammo on the spot.

But the Democratic governor and Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said there are still some issues that must be addressed. People who bought rifles or shotguns before and anyone who bought a handgun before are likely not in the state's Armed and Prohibited Persons System. Wilcox said that should encourage owners to register their firearms. Buyers will also have to get their ammunition through registered dealers, ending a practice that Thomas said allowed bullets ordered online to be delivered to their doors "like a pizza.

The state is also seeking to require owners to prove that they are in the country legally if their drivers' licenses contain the notation that "federal limits apply.

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Republicans in the state Assembly criticized a move that they said will harm the millions of drivers who don't yet have new federally approved REAL ID driver's licenses in part because of a months-long Department of Motor Vehicles backlog. But state officials said older drivers' licenses will also still be accepted.

Greg Abbott signed legislation allowing Texans with licenses to openly carry their handguns, as long as those weapons are in a hip or shoulder holster. The law still bans guns in certain places like schools, polling places, courtrooms and secure airport areas.

The lawsuit was thrown out by a federal district judge in July , and in the 5th U. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas' campus carry law. Over the years the number of Texans with a license to carry has surged. In there were roughly , active licenses in the state.

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By that number had swelled to well over a million, according to data from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Lawmakers passed nine gun-related laws last legislative session, according to the Texas State Law Library , several of which loosen restrictions on carrying guns in public. Starting Sept. Licensed gun owners will also be allowed to carry handguns in churches, synagogues, and other places of worship , all places where it has been illegal to carry if those entities provided oral or written notice prohibiting firearms on their property.

And in the wake of the Santa Fe shooting, Abbott signed the bill that abolishes the cap on how many school marshals can carry guns at public schools. Another bill, also going into law on Sept.

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Supporters of the bill said that Texans should have the ability to take their firearms with them in the case of a disaster without fearing that they're breaking the law or being forced to leave the firearms behind. Disclosure: The University of Texas at Austin has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors.

In , some 95 applicants to buy guns were found to have outstanding arrest warrants and they were subsequently booked by area police. Another were convicted of crimes related to providing false information on their sales applications. What's the difference between the state and federal system?

They see the PICS system as a waste of money that could be better spent on hiring and training more police. In addition, there are some offenses in Pennsylvania that are disqualifiers that go beyond the federal code. They also say the state system is better equipped to capture juvenile records and maiden names.

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Finally, where the federal system allows guns to be transferred after three days if a check is unresolved, in Pennsylvania's system the sales are suspended until there is an affirmative green light. Joe Hermitt jhermitt pennlive. Critics say all of those goals could still be achieved if the state ended its program. Second Amendment supporters say any of those problems could be remedied and Pennsylvania could drop the state program if the state police would only be more willing about sharing information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Crystal Bonvillian cbonvillian al. Background checks are a tool; they are not a cure. The background checks are not perfect.

How do gun background checks work? A look at the current system

Robert J. Vickers rvickers pennlive. Gun control advocates, however, say the PICS system is a welcome second blanket.