Php code to find ip address

PHP Code to Display Server IP Address

I do hard reloads for the browser to avoid cached data. All ad block plugins etc disabled. Trying http, https, the wordpress admin page, the wordpress login page, anything else I can think of.

Get IP address of a visitor

All time out to default browser time out page -so nothing ever produced by the stack. Yeah but still not recognized as secure so.

Get Client IP address using PHP

I can not reproduce this config on Chrome or Edge. So hey all I have to do is give everyone a many step tutorial on how to access my website. Well getting closer to a fix. As the site is working fine at my end maybe it is something to do with your PC itself, have you tried accessing the site with another device?

Get Remote IP Address in PHP

Also have you checked your nginx error logs for more information? Since other computers can load the site the server is blocking my connection to it. I read about security for DDoS attacks and other countermeasures could something been triggered. I cleared all caches and anything else plus installed a new browser Opera to test but it does not load the site either. Something on the DO server is causing it and linked to my IP. I will go through the Wordpress app also installed and see if it or any plugin can be the cause.

I noted some error mentioning Jetpack in the Nginx error log so I first disabled it in Wordpress which did nothing and then deleted the plugin to make sure. I do not have another working computer to test the site from the same IP which is a good idea.

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I will try to connect my phone to my local network and then to the site I think that will test the blocked IP theory. I noticed some time out errors because the file is too long for the SSL connection but not sure what that means. You could try allowing your IP address and see how it goes. To do that you need to edit this file here:. Is there a step I missed?

A Simple Public IP Address API

Do I need to wait for full propogation? I created a non-root user so I have someone with less power for uploading files to the web server but I can only sftp into my server with the root user. I use a key for logging in with the root, but I have a password setup for the non-root user, could that be my problem? Hi, I destroyed my old droplet and created a new one the same domain name with an SSH key. I'm kind of mad and tired but hey, at least I'm "learning" Thank you. How to pass parameters to file path? Twitter Facebook Hacker News. Share your Question. Your question has been posted!

Share it with others to increase its visibility and to get it answered quickly. Share on Twitter. Replace previous answer? Yes, I'm sure. Changed your mind?

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DigitalOcean home. Community Control Panel. Hacktoberfest Contribute to Open Source. Subscribe Subscribed. AndreyPavlov September 1, For example, to prevent particular users doing malicious things with your website - trying to spam your web forms, or hack your shopping cart, etc. Using PHP, you can easily find your site visitors' website addresses and based on these addresses to redirect them to specific places on your site.

If you use such IP ban protection on your website, you will also need to not only list individual addresses to be blocked but also IP masks and IP ranges. Let's start!

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First, we will create an array to list all the IP addresses that we want to block. Besides single IP addresses, we will also use IP ranges such as