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But, the inspiration for the song came from one of the most tragic news stories in Nashville of the mid s.

20 Best Country Funeral Songs

In October of , twelve-year old Adriane Dickerson was murdered in a Nashville supermarket parking lot. After almost a decade of recording in Nashville, Vince Gill found himself atop the Country charts for the first time in with this heartfelt performance from the standpoint of a man who knew he was taking his significant other for granted, and wanted the chance to make it up to her.

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Gill began writing this song not long after the passing of Keith Whitley. The song only hit No. Making the song even more special were the pristine harmonies from Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless. So, it was telling that his first single from his second MCA Nashville album was this masterfully-written track about the risk a man can take when he ventures outside the boundaries of a relationship. The song definitely channeled his Bluegrass roots in a way that proved that Gill could handle any kind of style -- and still can twenty-five years later.

The song also represented a career rebirth of sorts for co-writer Bill Anderson , who kicked off a new phase of his career with his contribution to the song. A very poignant love song performance that had classic written all over it. Gill authored the song with veteran Nashville tunesmith Max D.

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Barnes, and his long-time steel guitarist John Hughey , added some unforgettable licks to this seminal early cut. Listeners to country radio might have been taken for a little bit of a surprise when this song came on the radio airwaves in the winter of The song owed as much to the classic shuffle sound of Ray Price as it did to what was on country radio at the time, but the fans responded, making this a No. In each of these lists, we try to pick one song that might not necessarily make such a story.

While he was still an artist in search of a sound, this grooving single showed that Gill could hold his own with anyone — inside the format or not.

Vince Gill - I Still Believe In You

That included Bonnie Raitt , who added some energetic harmonies to this one. After that, he was understandably smitten, penning this love song in her honor. You may also want to consider creating a memorial website to easily share funeral information with friends and family for free:.

Look at Us (Vince Gill song)

Create a free website. Here are 20 of the most popular country funeral songs that you can use for a memorial service for a loved one. He also performed it with Patty Loveless at the funeral of country star George Jones in The song speaks directly to the person who passed, letting them know that they can rest now.

Miranda Lambert wrote "Over You" with her ex-husband Blake Shelton about the death of Blake's older brother at the age of The song speaks to the raw emotion and anger that many people feel after losing someone. The song tells the story of old man who had a hard life, losing both his wife and his child.

In "Remember When," Alan Jackson sings about his relationship with his wife, through ups and downs and into old age. In the song, the singers mother teaches her about handling loss after moving away from friends and separating from her husband.

Look at Us (Vince Gill song) - Wikipedia

In the last verse, her mother is on her deathbed, and share the same message about pain and acceptance. Three Wooden Crosses" is a country song that tells the stories of four people on a bus that's involved in crash. When three of them die in the crash, Randy Travis sings about the impact that each left on the world.

The fourth, a prostitute who survives, goes on to spread the word of Jesus and raises her son to be a preacher.

"Look At Us" by Vince Gill

The popular 80's country rock band, Alabama, wrote the country song, "Angels Among Us," describing the ways that angels continue to help guide us through difficult times. While "I'm Already There" tells the story of the relationship of a man and his family, who is thousands of miles away from him, the message of being together even when apart can also be applied to funeral, making it a popular country funeral song.

On Martina McBrides album, Martina, God's Will tells the story of a young boy who was dealt a bad hand, but continued to look out for everyone else. Instead of focusing on the loss, it encourages listeners to focus on the beauty of the time they had with their loved one. In it, Cole sings about the great times that he's having but also shares how sad he is that his father is missing them.

While not specifically a country funeral song, "You're Gonna Miss This" is sung from the perspective of a father talking to his daughter. He talks about several phases of life, when people tend to be eager to grow up and move on to the next step, and explains that she'll look back and miss it. In the song, Kenny Chesney is watching an old man give life advice, and he talks about how biglife events can pass in the blink of an eye. The song begins by talking about a dance he shared during which everything seemed perfect.

Country singer Luke Bryan was motivated to record "Drink A Beer" after experiencing the loss of two siblings. In the song, he's upset and confused about losing someone, and comforts himself by drinking a beer at the end of the pier, which he used to do with the person he lost.